Jesse Fernandez

Software engineer with a background in process engineering

Proficient in JavaScript, Python, Flask, React and process improvement.


About Me

Hello! I'm Jesse Fernandez, a software engineer who discovered a love for computers and the technologies behind them at a young age. Fascinated by their intricate workings, I explored programming and crafted my first websites, modified games, and set-up systems, igniting a passion for technology and problem-solving.

My career started in process engineering, where I optimized systems and enhanced efficiencies. Simultaneously, I nurtured my interest in tech, delving into Linux systems, server management, integrated systems, and IoT.

Transitioning into software, I found a perfect synergy between my engineering background and programming experience. Drawing from my early fascination with computers and the knowledge I gained from attending App Academy, I dived deeper into web development and software engineering, leveraging my understanding of systems to create efficient, scalable solutions.

Eager to continue exploring the dynamic world of software, I'm driven by a desire to innovate and create impactful solutions. My journey from early web development to managing complex systems has shaped me into a versatile professional ready to merge engineering principles with cutting-edge technology.